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Dari Home, the brand the region relies on for the best home solution, bring to the table a selection of uber-smart and magnificent cleaning and kitchenware, cutlery and cookware suitable for every home. Created for the joy of cooking, Dari Home pays homage to it legacy of exquisite homeware with a multitude of brands in its midst.

Whether to display culinary brilliance at a high-brow restaurant kitchen, the comfort of the home, or even in the most simplistic kitchen, Dari helps one achieve smart and sharp cooking with complete solutions from Dari. With unmatched cleaning and washing solutions, Dari Home is the place to find all your home needs. With a specialization in cutlery and cookware, Dari Home is a true pioneer in smart home solutions for every need. Find Dari Home on Al Wasl Road, Dubai.

For the joy of cleaning comes the Arshia Vacuum Cleaner

A complete collection of homeware solutions, this vacuum cleaner by Arshia is crafted with the best quality of aluminum with a smart clean-up carrier that soaks up all the dirt around the home while preserving the luster of carpets and floorings.

Price 455 AED

Keep your home injury-proof with Dari

A fine pot keeper that intelligently keeps the heat trapped in while simultaneously makes pots injury-proof, and perfect for a home full of children.

Price 40 AED

Made to Measure with the Kitchen Scale by Dari

A state-of-the-art kitchen scale crafted to be smart about its contents, this nifty device is sure to provide accurate measurements for every item, every time.

Price 129 AED

Cooking is better with Dari 

A Teflon-quality pressure cooker sure takes the pressure off when cooking for the family! Easy to use, non-stick and available in many elegant shades, shapes and sizes, the cooking range by Dari is all the rage in the household.

Price 335AED

Cook Smart with Dari

It is not easy to keep track of a busy schedule and what’s on the stove, so Dari makes life easier with its SS smart pressure cooker with settings for every need.

Price 175 AED

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